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D-Waste participated and sponsored a 3 day seminar for composting and recycling organised by the “Ecological Recycling Society” and the Greek “Association of Composting Companies” in Athens, Greece, on 26-28th of November 2014. D-Waste was represented by Christos Karagiannis, Maria…
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The 1st Master Class on Waste Management Planning took place in the city of Vitória, capital of the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil on November 24 and 25. Aim of the course was to prepare the professionals to handle the…
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D-Waste continues to provide customized site visits in waste management facilities and introduce waste management systems around Europe.   At the end of October, Maria Tsakona, D-Waste Expert, organized a professional two day touring, at Barcelona, Spain on behalf of…
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 11:09

Life EWAS on Networking Event and Work Meeting

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  Life EWAS project was presented in a networking event of European projects on Friday 28th of November 2014 in Athens, Greece. The event was organised by ZEROWASTE PRO, a European Programme of Territorial Cooperation MED 2007-2013, in parallel with…
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  A University of Leeds academic’s most recent publication has been recognised by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). Dr Costas Velis (School of Civil Engineering) has been awarded a Terford Premium Award, part of the 2014 Publishing Awards, for…
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Ebola pandemics: interconnectivity, poverty traps and vulnerability    by Antonis MavropoulosGlobal View of Waste Management     The Ebola pandemic is officially out of control. The situation in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone gets worst day by day. Just for…
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