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Reactivate Athens App, developed by D-Waste - A new mobile tool for the expression and exchange of ideas. D-Waste believes in dynamic human networks and mobile applications’ capability to change the everyday individual living, giving a meaningful shape to this…
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  Following the implementation of three very successful regional forums, Sweep-Net will implement its annual regional forum in Amman, Jordan, on 13-15 May. Given its significance for the whole MENA region, the event will be conducted under the patronage of…
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Before 1993 unsound disposal of solid waste in more than 500 unregulated waste dumps was the main waste management practice in Israel. However this changed in 1993 when the government decided to close all dumpsites and to establish a sustainable…
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D-Waste will participate at the ISWA/APESB Beacon Conference which will take place between 22 -24 of April 2014, in Angola. The Conference which focuses on Waste Management in Africa will bring together waste experts and academics from all around the…
Friday, 28 February 2014 13:44

Activities of D-Waste in the MENA region

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 D-Waste in charge of the update and re-adaption of the Regional Benchmarking GIZ/Sweep-Net Report for Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) region. Last June 2013, D-Waste has been contracted by GIZ/SWEEP-Net to direct the update and re-adaption of the national reports…
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IFC’s (International Finance Bank) quarterly journal, "HANDSHAKE" had a special tribute to Waste Atlas . An article written by Antonis Mavropoulos, Founder CEO of D-Waste, published in Innovation Chapter with the title "Crowdsourcing for Waste Management" introducing the importance…
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