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Thursday, 08 November 2012 17:11

GIZ-SWEEP-Net and D-Waste work together to improve waste management

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GIZ-SWEEP-Net will provide waste management data

The GIZ-SWEEP-Net and D-Waste,  as it was announced recently (read more), will work together for  improving waste management worldwide, promoting sustainability, eliminating health and environmental hazards caused by improperly handled waste and creating markets for waste-derived products.

D-Waste has developed the unique D-Waste Atlas, an internet and mobile open data map that visualizes municipal solid waste management data. D-Waste Atlas is a free, non-commercial database with waste data across the world, for comparison and benchmarking purposes, and it is based on the contribution of hundreds of scientists from different countries.

 GIZ-SWEEP-Net 's will provide waste management data on regional city, or country level utilizing the network’s scientific and professional resources or the web and mobile application D-Waste Atlas .


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