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Thursday, 10 January 2013 19:10

D-Waste delivers successful training in Amman, Jordan

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Mr Antonis Mavropoulos, Mr Nikos Sellas and Ms Maria Tsakona, D-Waste experts, travelled to Amman Jordan from the 16th to the 20th of December 2012 to lecture a five day training workshop organised by DAR AL OMRAN (Jordan), EPEM SA (Greece), and the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM).  The objective of this assignment was to provide technical assistance and capacity building activities to ensure that the Amman solid waste management project ESMP (Environmental Social Management Plan) and RAPs (Resettlement Action Plans) are being implemented in the best way and in accordance with the project loan agreement between GAM and the World Bank.

The Training Workshops were made in English language with simultaneous translation in the Arabic language, and were divided in two parts:

The first part of the workshop was on the content, requirements of the environment and social management plan in general and for Ghabawi Landfill particularly on contract monitoring and supervision of the ESMP and the implementation of the resettlement policy framework through the preparation of site-specific RAPs. This part of the workshop included a one day site visit at Amman’s main Transfer Station and Ghabawi Landfill. The second part of the workshop was on water quality, air quality, and noise monitoring, namely, the techniques and sampling analysis as well as the data collection and analysis required in the ESMP.


Hosted by GAM at GAM Conference Hall, the Workshop was attended by: Waste Management Operational Engineers; Construction Supervision Engineers; Ministry of Municipal Affairs; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Water Irrigation; Royal Scientific Society; GAM-Project Management Unit.

D-Waste experts enriched their lectures with training materials including comprehensive delegate handout packs, PowerPoint presentation slide shows, and a variety of motivating, educational and fun tasks, activities and exercises such as videos and negotiation/ knowledge games.

This is in accordance with the general D-Waste's policy regarding interactive, interesting and intensive training procedures.

The outcome of the workshop was fruitful and was judged a great success by both presenters and trainees with everyone contributing to a very useful exchange of information.



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