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Thursday, 21 February 2013 18:59

D-Waste's White Paper in the hands of President Clinton

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The report “Waste Management Mobile Applications” receives warm welcome during the Winter 2013 CGI Meeting in New York.

D-Waste, as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) attended yesterday, the CGI Winter 2013 meeting which was held at the 3rd floor of Hilton New York Hotel in Manhattan, NY. All 385 attendees, members of the CGI, had the opportunity to assess the progress of ongoing commitments, develop new partnerships, and recognize the innovative action currently underway by CGI members across the world.

Maria Tsakona, D-Waste Product Manager, participated in morning and afternoon sessions and networked with individuals from the business sector, Universities, NGOs and Family Foundations. During the meeting she also had the opportunity to deliver President Bill Clinton D-Waste White Paper on “Waste Management Mobile Applications”. As Mr. Clinton has stated in an article published in TIMES magazine in October 2012, “Smartphones" help restart the lives of many individuals, but they also help millions of individuals help restart the lives of others. We’ve seen how technological advances have democratized charitable giving as never before, allowing people to make a difference even if they don’t have much time or money to give.

Living in a changing world, Antonis Mavropoulos, D-Waste CEO, has foreseen the need to incorporate mobile technology in the waste management sector. In this sense, D-Waste team has prepared a white paper analyzing the role of mobile products and application in the waste management sector with emphasis to recycling and waste minimization. The paper is now available on D-Waste website, click here to download it

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