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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 11:18

A Handbook of Good Practices at Solid Waste Management Planning published by SMA and ABRELPE

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SMA handbook

The Department of Environment of the State of São Paulo - SMA and the Brazilian Association of Public Sanitation and Special Waste - ABRELPE launched in the auditorium of SMA, the publication "Solid Waste: Handbook of Good Practices in Planning".

The manual was developed in partnership with the International Solid Waste Association - ISWA and is a reference document for the preparation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan - International (ISWM) in countries in transition, because, although it has been prepared with a focus in Brazilian needs, its content and possible use is quite extensive.

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Bruno Covas, highlight the advances that the SMA has achieved. Although solid waste management is an obligation for most of the municipalities, the orientation of the governor Geraldo Alckmin is that the state should help municipalities and collaborate with them so that they can overcome this challenge.
SMA, in partnership with the Studies and Research Centre of Municipal Administration -, assists municipalities in preparing their Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans. For the secretary, the manual that was released "will help municipalities and the state itself to develop and improve their plans".
Carlos Silva Filho, CEO of ABRELPE present SMA as an important partner of this and other actions related to this issue.
On the occasion, the Environment Secretary, Bruno Covas, ABRELPE and CEO, Carlos Silva Filho, signed an agreement for joint actions to improve the management and disposal of solid waste in the state of São Paulo.
Also attended the launching ceremony of the President of the manual CETESB, Octavius Okano, Councilman Gilberto Natalini and coordinator of Project Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, Christopher Godlove.

Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO of D-Waste and STC Chair of ISWA and Andy Mather participates in the i2i Events, analyzing and presenting the main issues related to Waste Management Planning, point out the general structure and required steps for a successful Planning.

The manual is available for download here. An English version is also available.

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