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Thursday, 07 June 2012 00:00

D-Waste Joins Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Workshop

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D-Waste participated at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) workshop “Informal Recycling and Solid Waste Management: Challenges and Opportunities” that took place in Washington DC on 7-6-2012. 

The event aimed to bring together social, environmental sector and specialists to share knowledge on the socio-economic, environmental and operational aspects of working with informal recyclers in the context of solid waste management projects. At the same time, the experts explored experiences in different countries and seek to identify recurrent issues, challenges and good practice solutions for successful management.

IDB organized the event believing that articulating these informal recyclers with formal waste management systems presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Informal recyclers are often among the poorest, most vulnerable and most excluded members of society, yet they are also productive agents, alimenting a formal recycling change and extending the lives of landfills. The possibilities for managing the many social and ecological challenges of incorporating informal recyclers into formal waste systems can be enhanced through greater knowledge of the particular dynamics of this sector.

During the event particular experiences from Brazil, Colombia and Guiana were presented discussed and conclusions were made especially about the way waste pickers should be approached, their values and habits as well as their contribution to recycling activities. Special emphasis was given to the need of integrated approaches that will take into consideration all the interfaces that frame the waste pickers activities, namely the organizational aspects, the materials’ supply chain, the waste management and last but not least the social inclusivity aspects.

D-Waste’s intervention was focused on the need to recognize sound waste management as a human right, addressing the key-role of informal sector recyclers in such a view.

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