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Friday, 27 September 2013 16:53

Atilio Savino speaks about climate change and waste management

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atilio Dr. Atilio Savino is Vice-President of ARS-Association for Solid Waste Studies, National Member of ISWA in Argentina, and an Honorary Member of ISWA-International Solid Waste Association. Previously he has been President of ISWA, Secretary of Sanitary Health Determinants-Ministry of Health of Argentina, and Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina-National Ministry of Health and Environment.

Dear Dr Savino you are one of the pioneers in Climate Change negotiations, having had an active role from the Kyoto Summit, to Copenhagen and recently to Rio+20 and Doha. The latest years you have been working on strengthening the position of the waste sector in the agenda of Climate Change mitigation efforts. Why is it important for the waste management world to get involved with the issue of Climate Change?

First of all because climate change is not only a challenge for the future of our planet, it is also an ethical issue, because it is imperative to do the right things to have the chance to build a common future and to assume our generational responsibilities. 

During your turn as a President of ISWA, the association has published a White Paper on “Waste and Climate Change”; while currently you are still supporting the association, being ISWA’s Ambassador on issues of Climate Change in several events worldwide. Which are the main goals of ISWA in this field, and which is the role that the Association in seeking in the area?

Our White Paper was a very important one because probably for the first time a publication prooved that sound environmental solid waste management systems could significantly contribute to reduce greenhouse emissions and in this way the solid waste sector could be an important actor in the mitigation process. Consequently with this our goals are to raise the visibility of the solid waste sector in the negotiation process that is currently debated at the UNFCCC.

You are furthermore involved in LEDS (Low-Emission Development Strategies). Could you elaborate this initiative? What is it about, and how countries can get involved and realise related projects?

I suggest to go to where you can find all the information about LEDS.

 Recently you have created a Working Group in the LEDS Strategy, which is offering several services, including E-learning courses, and Advisory Services. Who does it concern, and which are the topics that you are addressing?

The Waste Management Sector Working Group was launched during LEDS GP Collaboration in Action workshop that took place in London in March 2012. During this workshop, the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) offered to lead activities to be carried out by that working group.

The working group builds on and complements ongoing initiatives and networks supporting low emissions development in the waste sector and plans to facilitate information exchange and collaboration on low emissions development activities focused on the waste sector.

The working group seeks to assist developing countries in successfully designing and implementing low emissions climate-resilient waste management strategies in partnership with the LEDS GP Regional Platforms and other working groups. The working group will assist developing countries in identifying opportunities for mitigation actions in the waste management sector, support the selection of methodological approaches for mitigation, the development of criteria to prioritize mitigation actions and the selection of technology options, and the development and analysis of mitigation abatement cost curves in the waste management sector, as well as the elaboration of documents to submit NAMAs to the international registry.

The LEDS-GP Waste Management Sector Working Group promotes low emissions development in the waste sector through a work program focused on sharing knowledge and exchange information and lessons learned through webinars, workshops and the development of a knowledge center, sharing best practices, engaging key stakeholders, providing advisory services and multiplying opportunities for coordination and collaboration.

The priority activities are the following:

1. E-learning courses

The working group plans to develop e-learning courses on the preparation of waste sector strategies in the context of national LEDS and on the preparation of NAMAs including modules on: institutional arrangements to identify, select, design, implement and finance NAMAs; selection of appropriate available and proven technologies, according to national circumstances, conditions, needs and capabilities; and assessing the attributes a NAMA should have to be attractive for climate finance and ensure an effective implementation.

Introduction to an integrated sustainable waste management approach with a long-term objective. This approach involves key stakeholders in the planning and decision-making process and takes a holistic view of the entire waste management system, including waste minimization, collection, transfer, treatment, recycling, resource recovery, and disposal. Important planning and decision criteria include social, cultural, environmental, institutional, financial and technical measures.

Issues to be addressed include:

  • Waste Quantities: trends in waste generation, composition, and status of waste reduction efforts;
  • Information Availability;
  • Decision-Making Process;
  • Operations;
  • Institutional arrangements;
  • Private sector involvement.
  • Underlying project finance;
  • Climate financing.
  • E-learning on the preparation of NAMAs

This self-paced course, to be developed as a tool to be used within the WMSN, is focused on the preparation of mitigation actions in the waste sector to be submitted as NAMAs, including, inter alia, specific modules on:

  • Institutional arrangements to identify, select, design and implement and finance NAMAs in the waste sector. 
  • Selection of appropriate available and proven technologies, according to national circumstances, conditions, needs and capabilities. 
  • Analysis of waste to energy opportunities.
  • Attributes a waste management NAMA should have to be attractive for climate financing. 

2. Advisory Services

The working group is designing an expert team to offer advice and technical support to developing countries on low emission waste management sector strategies and preparation of NAMAs. This will include assistance in assessing the national circumstances of a country and providing support on identifying the best course of action for the country to improve the waste sector and contribute to mitigation efforts, in the context of each country low emission development strategy.

Technical assistance and support inter alia on the analysis and assessment of needs, in particular, information and technology needs, as well as of the most adequate institutional arrangements, in order to identify opportunities for mitigation actions in the waste sector, develop criteria for prioritizing actions, and selecting mitigation actions. 

The technical support activities will be carried on by Atilio Savino and Hernan Carlino. Technical liaison from ISWA by Rachel Williams, and the managerial control of Hermann Koller.

Through the Working Group you are also preparing a Study on Waste Management and Climate Change. Can you share with us some more information, about the goals of the study and the main issues that you address?

Personally I think that this is really a very good project, but unfortunately we didn´t find funds to start it.

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