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Monday, 28 May 2012 00:00

Antonis Mavropoulos speaks on ISWA's Solid Waste Congress 2012 website

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What is your role in the daily business of your company / entity?

D-Waste is a company that aims to make waste management easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Our logo includes the phrase “Waste Management for Everyone” because we do believe that sound waste management is a human right. We provide products and services worldwide and we promote massive collaboration through the World Wide Web in order to deliver waste management solutions.

We are looking for partners worldwide and we call upon everyone to Ask us about any product or service required, to Join us as a partner or expert and Publish any idea that could be useful for the waste management community.
My role is to inspire people about the potential of D-waste, to organize an innovative business model and to ensure the quality of the services and products delivered.

What is the main challenge you face in your business entity?
I would say that starting up such a company is a challenge itself, but the response we have had up to now is really encouraging. As a new and innovative company we have to build our brand name and attract people to our website in order to let them know our interactive procedures. Our main target group concerns developing countries’ scientists, professionals and practitioners and this is where we are trying to get more networked and involved. Our sponsorship for developing countries’ participants in Florence 2012 is a first step towards this direction.

How has this changed in recent years, if at all?
We created D-waste in response to our experiences from almost 15 different countries and more than 150 completed projects. We believe that waste management consulting must be reshaped and focus on delivering capacity building rather than typical studies and we know that the only sustainable solution is the development of local, capable human resources.

What is your objective for your work over the next two years?
We want to create a global community of supporters, followers, partners, authors, readers that will interact through the web and utilize this interaction in order to deliver more free or very affordable products and services. We believe in open business models and networking as the main tools for creating worldwide added value and deliverability. And we prepare a lot of surprises for everyone. Just stay tuned with us and register at our website…

Are you coming to Florence and what are your expectations from the Congress?
I believe that Florence’s Congress will create a new benchmark for ISWA’s activities, in a lot of ways it has already done it. I expect that we will have not just a fruitful scientific part but a lot of networking and interaction between the participants. And I am sure that we will have a lot of conclusions to make for our next conferences. See you all in Florence…

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