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Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:12

São Bernardo do Campo receives the "ABRELPE Eco City" award

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The award of ABRELPE (the Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning and Special Waste Companies) is an acknowledgment of the municipality’s actions in the handling and management of solid waste.

Antonis Mavropoulos,  founder of D-Waste and Chair of the Scientific and Technical Comittee of ISWA delivers the "ABRERLPE Eco City" Award to the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo.

On the evening of Monday, December 2, the Secretary of Urban Services, Tarcisio Secoli received the “ ABRELPE Eco City ” award during a ceremony held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sao Paulo. The tribute is offered to the city that stood out in 2013 for its actions and measures of sustainability and excellence in solid waste management.

According to the CEO of ABRELPE, Carlos Silva Filho, three criteria were adopted for the choice of the city: the integrated solid waste management system, technical and long-term solutions and implementation of the National Policy on Solid Waste. All the indicated municipalities were analyzed by the board of ABRELPE.

"São Bernardo do Campo meets the criteria; formed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to implement an integrated waste management system, possesses a project to treat liabilities like the former dumpsite of Alvarenga, and was the first city in the country that adopted the guidelines of the Federal Government on the issue of waste. The city certainly is a national prominence, "said Carlos.

For  Tarcisio Secoli, Secretary of Urban Services, the award is a recognition of the actions taken by the Perfecture of São Bernardo, "For a year and a half we have put into practice our system of handling and managing construction waste, processing and utilizing materials and recovering our liabilities. This honor shows that the city is on the right track and that our mayor, Luiz Marinho, has made innovative and correct steps for this issue."

The ceremony took place during the 18th ABRELPE Reporting Award, whose theme was “New directions for waste management in Brazil”, which awarded communications professionals in the categories press, radio and television. Also, at the ceremony took place the third edition of ABRELPE Scholarly Award which honored the researchers and the best studies on solid waste management.

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