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Friday, 06 December 2013 11:33

D-Waste 's Global Presence - Autumn 2013

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This was a busy autumn for D-Waste team! Antonis Mavropoulos CEO Founder, Haris Kamariotakis General Director, Maria Tsakona Product Manager, Marios Skarvelakis Marketing Communication Manager, Aida Anthouli Environmental Communication Manager, Alexandros Mavropoulos Waste Atlas Manager and Theodore Andreadakis Web Manager travelled at different parts around the world to spread D-Waste innovative ideas on different solid waste management issues.

Israel - D-Waste fall wanderings started with a trip to Tel Aviv, between 6th and 9th of September. Antonis Mavropoulos and Aida Anthouli were invited to attend the “1st International Conference: Technological Innovations in Waste Management”, organized by the Dan Region Association of Towns. Mr. Mavropoulos, as a Chair of ISWA’s Scientific and Technical Committee gave a presentation on the “Waste recycling, an Educated Decision between Alternatives”.

UK Next D-Waste's destinations was Leeds between 17th and 19thof September. During the trip Maria Tsakona participated at the workshop “Complex Value Optimization for Resource Recovery - NERC RRfW Catalyst Project”, organized by Leeds University. The project, aims to ensure that the benefits for the environment and human health are fully integrated in to a ‘whole systems approach’ in the recovery of resources from waste. More than 30 participants had been invited to develop the framework and draft the full research proposal which will be submitted to NERC in late November 2013 by Leeds University.

Egypt On the 30th of September Alexandros Mavropoulos travelled to Cairo to attend a Workshop organized by D-Waste GIZ/Sweep-net under the framework of the “Regional Network for Integrated Waste Management in MENA Region” project that has been undertaken by D-Waste. The purpose of the workshop was to present the Updated GIZ/Sweep-net National Report for Egypt.

marios brasilBrazil Marios Skarvelakis, Communication Manager of D-Waste travelled to Sao Paolo between 30th of September to 2nd of October to make a unique presentation on the “Urban Waste Management and the Mobile Challenge” at the RWM Brazi event that is the destination event for the Brazilian Solid Waste Industry. In association with the ABRELPE Members Conference, the event focused on bringing buyers and sellers in the sector together. A D-Waste booth was available at the exhibition area and Marios had the opportunity to talk with more than 200 participants interested to learn more on D-Waste activities.

sardiniaItaly The essential role of the new digital technology and the mobile applications were also presented in the “14th International Waste Management Landfill Symposium” in Sardinia by Aida Anthouli on the 30th of September. Aida had the opportunity to network with many academics who found that mobile applications can play an essential role in solid waste management and research.
Her presentation “Mobile Apps as Enablers to Improve Recycling Performance” was the outcome of the recent released D-Waste White Paper “Mobile Applications Waste Management: Recycling, Personal Behavior, Logistics”.

Jamaica The same period Maria Tsakona, travelled to Montego Bay, Jamaica to participate at the Second Global Conference on Land Ocean Connections between 2-4 of October. The conference was an excellent opportunity to communicate the problem of marine litter around the globe. Maria Tsakona pointed out the great gab of data regarding marine litter. In this sense Maria Tsakona presented the Waste Atlas Project as the ultimate platform to visualize information with the power of crowdsourcing and data mining.

Austria For three days between the 7th and 9th of October Antonis Mavropoulos and Maria Tsakona found themselves in one of the biggest world annual events organized by ISWA. The ISWA World Congress 2013 that was held this year in Vienna was braced with more than 1000 participants. Antonis Mavropoulos performed two outstanding presentations on “Global Figures for Solid Waste Management” in Session 33 and “Solid Waste management and Organic Waste in the MENA Region” in Session 40 and chaired Session 1: “New Ideas for Waste Management”. Maria Tsakona presented in Session 8 the “Urban Waste Management and the Mobile Challenge”.It is worth to mention that during the Congress opening David Newman, president of ISWA, dedicated part of his speech to the Waste Atlas project which is powered by D-Waste and supported by ISWA as well as Leeds University, Sweep-net, WtERT and SWAPI.

Italy At the beginning of November (4-7) Maria Tsakona attended a study tour to Southern Italy on “food waste management in Mediterranean areas: effective solutions, competitive costs”. The tour organized by AITA ISWA –Italy intended to give solid waste management experts and decision-makers an overview of current best-practices and approaches in food waste separate collection and recycling. During the tour participants visited mature experiences both in Metropolitan Areas and detached housing structures, showing how food waste can be correctly diverted for recycling. A specific focus was given to bioplastics suitable for food waste collection. A clear overview of low-tech and labour-intensive logistics solution for optimizing collection cost was analyzed with participants. Furthermore a set of biological treatment plants was visited, both with low-tech and high-tech solutions for composting and anaerobic digestion.

Belgium / Brussels were a must destination for D-Waste team on November. Theodore Andreadakis and Marios Skarvelakis attended the European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance (EMMIA) Event "Mobilise Europe: Towards the European Future in Mobile Services" held in Brussels on the 20th of November.The event was for those who work with regional development, industry policies and SME development and who are interested in what factors are important in order to build excellence in the field of mobile technology or services. During the event D-Waste people heard about a large European study of emerging spots but also meet speakers with great industry experience and experience from policy making and cluster development.

Next trip to Brussels was on 25th of November. At that date, Antonis Mavropoulos was invited to attend the high-level conference “Economic Opportunities on Turning Waste into a Resource”. This was one of two events of the Project “A Joint African-European Research Innovation Agenda on Waste Management”. The project intends to identify joint European-African key research and development issues for waste management leading to a reduction in the environmental impact and promotion of the recycling and recovery of raw materials.

Last but not least Alexandros Mavropoulos visited Brussels on the 26th of November to participate at the Seminar "From Recovered Resources to Economic Recovery" hosted by the Committee of the Regions. The conference wasorganized into three panel sessions, beginning with the need for and revision of the legislative PUSH as well as examples of how this is implemented in practice by members of Municipal Waste Europe.
The second panel brought together experts from materials producers, packers and fillers and recyclers, who enlightened participants as to their aims, objectives and expectations as regards the implementation of their producer responsibility obligations as well as regarding the materials recovered from the waste stream. Concluding speakers focused on the necessary adaptations in legislation and practice which will play a significant role in ensuring greater resource efficiency and economic stability in Europe.

Morocco - On 21st of November 2013, Aida Anthouli was in Rabat in order to attend a workshop organized by D-Waste GIZ/Sweep-net under the framework of the “Regional Network for Integrated Waste Management in MENA Region” project that has been undertaken by D-Waste. The purpose of the workshop was to present the Updated GIZ/Sweep-net National Report for Morocco. Aida Anthouli gave a presentation on the “Gestion des Déchets Solides et Organique dans les pays du Mashreq et du Maghreb - Solid Waste management and OrganicWaste in the MENA Region”

TunisiaAida Anthouli visited Tunis in order to attend a workshop organized by D-Waste GIZ/Sweep-net under the framework of the “Regional Network for Integrated Waste Management in MENA Region” project that has been undertaken by D-Waste. The workshop took place on 29th of November 2013, and its purpose was to present the Updated GIZ/Sweep-net National Report for Tunisia.

A day before, on 28th of November, Aida Anthouli also attended the Closing Workshop for the Tunisian - German Program for the Environment – PPE organized by GIZ. PPE was a ten year program having as an objective the integration of the environmental dimension into the sectoral policies of economic and social development, both at national, regional and local level.

Turkey Haris Kamariotakis shared his time in September, October and November between D-Waste Offices and Balıkesir for the needs of the “Technical Assistance and Supervision for Balikesir Solid Waste Management Project” in Balikesir.




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