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Thursday, 19 December 2013 17:06

D-Waste supports “Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery from Waste (C-VORR)” Project – Leeds University

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“Waste as a resource” has become a central societal theme. To truly minimise the disposal of unwanted material, it is necessary to consider industrial processes as manufacturing products and co-products with varying, complex value – economic, environmental and social – rather than simply products plus wastes. Processes can then be designed to maximize resource recovery at all stages of the life cycle of a product while minimising impact on the environment and human health.

Under this framework professor Phil Purnell and his team at Leeds University have recently prepared and submitted to the NERC a grant proposal for the “Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery from Waste (C-VORR)” project. The project concerns the development of a framework over the next three years which can be used to understand the optimum economic, environmental and social values of different systems that might once have looked to the waste hierarchy for their end-of-life management. The aim is to ensure that the benefits for the environment and human health are fully integrated in to a ‘whole systems approach’ in the recovery of resources from waste.

D-Waste has been involved in the Catalyst stage of the project, participating in workshop/s and so helping to shape and inform the concept of CVORR.

We considers that the development of a framework to assess resource utilisation options based on performance across a range of criteria (environmental, economic, social and technological) and utilising material flows across all life stages of a process/systems will make an important and significant contribution to reducing waste, recovering value and minimising environmental impact. Therefore D-Waste team fully supports this concept and welcomes the opportunity to take part in this project with the University of Leeds.

For further information about the project click here.

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