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Monday, 27 January 2014 13:29

D-Waste promotes “Reuse” on Crete -Greece

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In cooperation with the Municipality of Hersonisos, located on the east side of Crete, Greece, D-Waste has prepared a proposal for the realization of the first “Creative Reuse Center” in Greece. The proposal will be presented to the waste management authorities of Crete, the Municipality of Hersonisos and the public at the beginning of March.

“Reuse centers” as a means to promote reuse is very popular in the USA and UK under the framework of sustainable waste management. In Europe, the Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) sets reuse as a priority for the European Union waste policy, with the long-term goal to be the establishment of a recycling society that avoids and minimizes waste generation and uses waste as a resource. In Greece however, reuse has just recently become popular as a direct result of the economic crisis, with the industry to look for new and innovative ways to do more with less.

Reuse centers are places where unwanted industrial and residential materials are collected and distributed for either turning them into creative projects, or providing the needed supplies to art organizations and public schools. In this sense reuse centers are a valuable resource to artists, educators, families and businesses, and their services offer “triple bottom line benefits” (people, environment, prosperity) which include:

• Providing low-cost/no-cost materials 

• Saving energy and reducing GHGs 

• Creating jobs and job training opportunities

• Offering tax benefits (donations)

• Generating tax revenues (sales)

• Enhancing current efforts to further reduce the waste stream

• Preserving valuable material resources

• Promoting environmental awareness 

• Increasing supply of quality materials at reduced costs

• Keeping money in local economy

There are several models of “reuse centers” according to the materials they receive, the activities they host, the general characteristics of the area they serve and their main objectives.

In the case of Hersonisos Municipality, an area with a high touristic profile, D-Waste team is currently studying the model of “reuse center” that would be more appropriate for the needs of the municipality. The idea is to create a reuse center that will promote “reuse” as a mean to reinforce the already established solid waste management system in the area. The reuse center is expected to highlighting the importance of reuse to the general public through networking, education and information, to increase the diversion of materials from waste and to enhance the utility of these materials via creativity and intelligence of design. An important aspect of the project is the interest of local recreational facilities (hotels) to cooperate with the reuse center in many different ways.

Furthermore, a core idea of the project is to utilize creative architecture with modern design arrangements and eco-friendly/reuse materials in order to build an exceptional reuse center on Crete. The center is expected to host a shorting/reuse area, a retail area with stores of second hand materials, coffee shop, restaurant, center of creative art and children creative activities, and a conference area. The exact facilities and activities that will be developed within the center will be finalized by March under the guidance of Hersonisos Municipality, the Waste Management Authority of Heraklion Prefecture and D-Waste waste management experts.


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