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Friday, 28 February 2014 13:44

Activities of D-Waste in the MENA region Featured

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  D-Waste in charge of the update and re-adaption of the Regional Benchmarking GIZ/Sweep-Net Report for Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Last June 2013, D-Waste has been contracted by GIZ/SWEEP-Net to direct the update and re-adaption of the national reports and profiles of the country-members of the network and to develop a regional benchmarking study.

Given the special characteristics of the region, namely the high growth of population and especially the urban one, the significant economic development and the adoption by the citizens of more consuming patterns of life, waste amounts have increased remarkably the last years, posing a serious threat for the waste management systems, which in most cases are not equipped neither with the necessary budget nor with the appropriate legislative and institutional framework to support them.

Sociopolitical instability and inexistence of databases has been the bigger obstacle for the consultants in order to collect the necessary data, which had also to be validated with a national workshop. To overcome such an obstacle many consultants have worked for almost 8 months and many days have been spent for data mining. Fortunately, the outcome has been more than acceptable in all the countries meeting the expectations of the more pretentious stakeholders involved in the process.

So far national workshops have validated the outcome of the national reports for Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan, whereas there have been scheduled upcoming workshops for Yemen, Mauritania and Algeria.

The data collected and validated from the national workshops will be further elaborated by D-Waste in order to produce a regional benchmarking study, allowing local and international experts to evaluate the waste management performance and the practices currently implemented in the area, and to get an idea of future challenges. Information provided is input for decision-making on what should be the priorities for services and infrastructure improvements, as well as for monitoring reasons through time.



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