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Friday, 14 March 2014 18:12

D-Waste Consulting the “Dan Region Association of Municipalities” of Israel Featured

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Before 1993 unsound disposal of solid waste in more than 500 unregulated waste dumps was the main waste management practice in Israel. However this changed in 1993 when the government decided to close all dumpsites and to establish a sustainable waste management that would handle its waste in a more environmental friendlier and sustainable manner.

Currently the waste generated in Israel is collected and transferred to legal central landfills (check WASTE ATLAS for landfills and waste data in Israel), whereas local Waste Management Authorities are examining the potential of integrating pretreatment of waste into the system as a means to minimize waste disposal at landfills.

In this effort the Dan Region Association of Towns of Israel, which is responsible for managing most of the waste generated in Israel (receiving waste from 18 local municipalities), is looking forward to building a Mechanical Biological Treatment Unit in Hiriya, Tel Aviv.

D-Waste is consultant of the Association concerning the selection of the most appropriate biological treatment technology and the technical issues arising regarding the design of the new facility.

So far, D-Waste team has visited the proposed site, where the facility will be built, whereas several meetings with the administration and engineers of Association have been completed.


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