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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 17:05

D-Waste supports innovative ideas for the Urban Environment

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Reactivate Athens App, developed by D-Waste - A new mobile tool for the expression and exchange of ideas.

D-Waste believes in dynamic human networks and mobile applications’ capability to change the everyday individual living, giving a meaningful shape to this complex system.

With D-Waste's mobile app, Reactivate Athens Lab intents to critically analyze the urban core, to develop a new framework for reading and acting within the city and to highlight the social and cultural diversity of central Athens while serving as the basis for innovative, implementable proposals. This initiative aims to identify and engage the challenges and potential of the existing city in order to develop a new strategic vision consisting of process-based design tools – spatial, economic, social, cultural, and programmatic.

The Reactivate Athens project was presented in the 6th Pecha Kucha Athens event on the 28th of February during a special session dedicated to the city of Athens. (Click here for more).

During the event Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO of D-Waste and 10 more eminent personalities of the city of Athens, had the opportunity to discuss and express their ideas on changing the “Urban environment”.


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