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Sunday, 27 April 2014 14:28

D-Waste Award for the best MSc Dissertation in 2013 at University of Leeds, UK

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D-Waste Award for the year 2013!

awards3The last two years D-Waste has established a close collaboration with various Universities around the world, starting a creative dialogue with a number of academics. Under this framework, D-Waste supports and enhances research in the field of Solid Waste Management by providing annual awards and scholarships to MSc and PhD students.

An example of such awards is the D-Waste Award for MSc Dissertation in Solid Waste Management – Resource Efficiency. This is an official Award of the  University of Leeds , for which are eligible all MSc students with outstanding performance in solid waste related dissertations (distinction marks) from 3 MSc courses delivered by the School of Civil Engineering: (1) MSc in  Water, Sanitation and Health Engineering (WaSH) ; (2) MSc in  Environmental Engineering and Project Management , and (3) MSc in  Sustainable Energy Systems . University of Leeds is a research intensive University, steadily featuring within the best 100 of the world, and the  School of Civil Engineering  has a distinct  waste and resources management research  and education portfolio, with state of the art laboratory and modelling facilities and expertise.

For the year 2013 D-Waste Award was received by Mr Ikpe Ibanga Post Graduate student at University of Leeds at the Environmental Engineering and Project Management course. His research project dissertation “Air Quality Monitoring for Bioaerosols: A Review of the Occupational Health Risks in a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)”, supervised by the bioaerosols  expert  Dr  Louise Fletcher ,  archived the highest standard. The core research on solid waste management and resource recovery at the School of Civil Engineering is coordinated by  Dr Costas Velis  who is teaching the relevant MSc module, and managing state of the art laboratories for waste characterization and recovery.

We have taken interviews from Mr Ibagana and Dr Fletcher, explaining details on the thesis of Mr Ikpe Ibanga and its importance for the waste management sector.

The importance of monitoring bioaerosols from WM facilities

There are many publications dealing with air quality monitoring and its health impact but still very few documents are available which could reveal the information relationship between potential impacts, of the generated bioaerosols at waste management facilities, on the workers, the environment and the people of the local residential area around this facility. Mr Ikpe Ibanga’s master thesis is an outstanding research report towards this direction.

D-Waste team has reached Dr Louise Fletcher, Lecturer in Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering at Leeds University, and Ikpe Emmanuel Ibanga, post graduate student at the same faculty, to find out more about the significance of air quality monitoring for bioaerosols generated at waste management facilities.

Please click  here  to read the interviews provided by Dr Louise Fletcher and Mr Ikpe Ibanga.

















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