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Monday, 02 June 2014 18:44

Public Health & Quality of Life - Join the dialogue NOW

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 Public Health & Quality of Life

Join the dialogue NOW


D-Waste is the Organizing Partner of the month-long dialogue on public health and quality of life as frameworks for waste management in June, 2014.


In 4th, 5th, 10th and 11th of June 2014, four live online panel discussions will be organized as part of the Public Health & Quality of Life theme under the  2014 Global Dialogue on Waste .

Maria Tsakona,  D-Waste's Product Manager, is one of the panelists of the 2nd Session "Waste collection systems in the developing world", held in 5th of June.

Panels will be including some of the leading thinkers on waste, public health and quality of life, we will explore short, medium and long term solutions to waste management for public health and quality of life using examples from selected locations around the world

D-Waste invites you to join be Waste Wise panels, hear about and share your own experience on improving public health and quality of life by improving waste management

be Waste Wise is a new initiative connecting broader public with some of the world's best waste management experts, thought leaders and practitioners to bridge the waste solutions expertise gap worldwide  .

For more information you can visit the official page ( click here ) . Below you can find more details on each calendar event:




Time (GMT)



1. Relevance of landfills and need for international financing

June 4th, Wednesday

4:00 PM

Asit Nema, Derek Greedy, Sandra Cointreau, Mario Russo

More details

2. Waste collection systems in the developing world

June 5th, Thursday

1:00 PM

Linda Godfrey, Sanjay Gupta

Maria Tsakona,

More details

3. Short-lived climate pollutants: Public health & climate change

June 10th, Tuesday

5:00 PM

Daniel Hoornweg, Gary Crawford

More details

4. Drivers and barriers to waste management in the developing world

June 11th, Wednesday

12:00 PM

Thomas Vogler, Magda Correal, Costas Velis, Edith T. Iriruaga

More details


















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