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Thursday, 12 June 2014 15:14

Discovering the World's 50 Biggest Dumpsites

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Discovering the World's 50 Biggest Dumpsites


Be a part of the Waste Atlas Partnership’s first report on world's biggest dumpsites.

- YOUR help, YOUR contribution is the key to success -


Do you have any data, photos, documents, links  related with big dumpsites?                           

Share the information with us, and your name will be acknowledged as a contributor at the published report and Waste Atlas - You can contribute to Waste Atlas community through our website, our mobile application or send us direct email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Waste Atlas partnership aims to publish a report on the biggest dumpsites of the world. Scope of the report is to demonstrate how serious the impacts of unsound disposal are, and to raise awareness on the need to close the uncontrolled dumpsites worldwide. This report aims to be the beginning of an international effort on establishing proper waste management and recycling in every part of the world.

The Waste Atlas partnership aims to lead the effort to identify the world’s biggest dumpsites as a first but important step for managing their impacts. YOUR help, YOUR contribution can be the answer to this fight with the unknown. Thousands of individuals, organizations, associations, companies and universities related to the global waste management are expected to cooperate to accomplish the target of mapping the world’s 50 biggest dumpsites.

Let’s make together Waste Atlas Vs 50 Biggest Dumpsites 50-0 !  


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