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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 11:36

Visit Waste Management Facilities with D-Waste Experts

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Among the wide variety of services it offers to its clients, D-Waste organizes site visits in waste management facilities and introduces waste management systems across Europe. So far several site visits have been made in Spain, Italy and Greece. Among the clients that have already attended the visits representatives from central and local authorities, employees in waste management associations as well as individual professionals were included.

Implementation of site visits has multiple advantages. More specifically, given that most of visitors are not familiar with waste management technologies and systems, primary purpose of site visits is to present to the attendees the technology/system implemented in each occasion, focusing on its advantages and on the reasons that led to its selection. To cover this need, D-Waste experts introduce the technology used in each occasion to the clients prior to the site visits, allowing them in that way to achieve a better understanding of it during the implementation of the visit. In that way it is also easier for them to express any questions they may have but also to focus on elements that interest them more.

Apart from getting familiar with new technologies and systems, site visits increase the knowledge and capacity of visitors. Furthermore, site visits give the opportunity to visitors and especially to authorities and professional to “look from inside” technologies/systems that could be implemented in their areas, being in that way able to choose the most appropriate but also to take advantage of the lessons learned from similar occasions.



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