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Thursday, 04 December 2014 11:35

D-Waste Waste Management Study Tour at Barcelona, Spain

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D-Waste continues to provide customized site visits in waste management facilities and introduce waste management systems around Europe.
At the end of October, Maria Tsakona, D-Waste Expert, organized a professional two day touring, at Barcelona, Spain on behalf of the Dan Region Association of Town of Tel Aviv. The program concentrated on two main topics; waste treatment at the metropolitan level (l’Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona - AMB) and pneumatic collection of municipal waste.
The fifteen participants most technicians and engineers, explored the four Ecoparcs of Barcelona, namely:
1. The Ecoparc 1- Barcelona;
2. The Ecoparc 2- Montcada i Reixac;
3. The Ecoparc 3- Sant Adria de Besos (Ecoparc del Mediterrani)
4. The Ecoparc 4 Hostalets - Pierola
The four Ecoparcs apply the technology of mechanical biological treatment (MBT) to treat the municipal solid waste generated from 3,000,000 inhabitants in Barcelona. All Ecoparcs are owned by the Environmental Entity (EMMA), but operated by the companies that built them and have the concession rights over the plants for 15 years.
The biological treatment technology applied at Ecoparcs 1, 2 and 3 is anaerobic digestion and at Ecoparc 4 is aerobic composting.

The participants had also the opportunity to visit the pneumatic system of Diagonal Poblenou. This is a waste collection installation in the nerve center of the new Diagonal's avenue, belonging to the Jean Nouvell arquitect's park. It is a semi buried terminal, equipped with lifting containers and a crane, occupying an area of 550 m2.
The civil work was designed and executed to contain 2 terminals equipment and nowadays this double terminal is completed. This area combines new urbanistic projects with consolidated buildings.

As for every study tour prepared by D-Waste, the two-day program was tailor-made to fit with questions and expectations of the participants. D-Waste prepared a number of presentations and materials to introduce the MBT technology and increase the knowledge and capacity of the visitors.

The tour was an excellent opportunity for the participants to “look from inside” the technologies that could be implemented in their area, being in that way able to choose the most appropriate but also to take advantage of the lessons learned from similar occasions.
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