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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 16:48

D-Waste Services in the Hospitality Industry

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D-Waste Services in the Hospitality Industryzero-waste-hotels

D-Waste creates and implements zero waste practices throughout the hotel industry. We help hotels to identify opportunities for reducing, and managing their waste more effectively in the sense to:

• save raw materials and energy

• reduce operational costs and

• achieve highest operational efficiency

• upgrade clients’ experience

• reduce the overall environmental footprint of hotels

• protect and promote of the socio-economic environment of tourist destinations

Our Service to hotels includes:

·   Baseline study on the current waste management system applied at the hotel

·   Identification of opportunities to recycle, reuse and reduce waste generated in different areas within the hotel.

·   Cost-Benefit Analysis of the proposed waste management program

·   Practical guide of waste management practices within the hotel

·   Staff training

·   Advertising package of the Hotel’s environmental policy.

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