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Monday, 09 July 2012 18:33

EU recycling performance: All-in-one Report!

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EU Recycling Overview

In 2001, the amount of waste recycled in Europe-27 was 40.12 million tons (83 kg per capita). After almost a decade this amount has reached 60.7 million tons (122 kg per capita).

In terms of recycling performance, Germany is still the country with the highest recycling rate (45%) in Europe, with Slovenia (43%), Belgium (37%), Sweden (36%) and Switzerland (34%) to follow (See Figure 1).

An Exceptional Report

Figure 1 is a typical example of the figures and data that have collected and are presented in in the NEW D-waste report “EU Recycling Performance: Barriers, Drivers and Lessons Learnt” prepared by Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO of D-Waste, and Costas Hatzieleftheriou, D-Waste Caretaker.

The report reviews Europe’s overall recycling performance with a special focus on the core group of recyclable materials like paper, plastic, glass metals (aluminium scrap steel).

What makes this report exceptional is that it synthesizes the latest and up to date information and brings together many experts’ opinions. In that way major conclusions can be drawn on the current state of the recycling industry in Europe for each different group of materials (key influencing factors, product trends and opportunities). Market data and information are illustrated with more than 60 figures tables.

The report presents

  • performance targets and levels of recycling across Europe;    
  • production, recycling recovery rates, market prices volume trades for each group of core materials;
  • the state of recycling markets today;
  • how recycling markets have responded during the crisis;
  • main policy challenges and future opportunities;
  • steps that need to be taken to achieve further progress;
  • Lessons learnt and key-issues for developing countries;

Not only but also!

D-waste has also come up with an outstanding presentation flourished with data and information on“EU Recycling Performance: Barriers, Drivers and Lessons Learnt”. And the most important, the presentation is accompanied with full notes for speakers.


Download both the report and presentation from

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