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Monday, 23 April 2012 13:07

2nd Waste Climate Beacon Conference, 19-20 April 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

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D-Waste was there as a participant, covering both days of the conference with photos and video shots .


The 2nd ISWA/DAKOFA beacon conference on Waste and Climate changes took place in Copenhagen, Denmark at 19-20 April 2012 in the facilities of the Danish society of engineer’s (IDA).


The main objective of the conference was Waste management and renewable energy resources in a climate change perspective.


The participants were from 20 different countries of the world with half of them from Europe.


The conference was divided in 4 main sessions, 2 for each day and all the presentations covered in English language. After each presentation, the speakers are asked to answer questions from the audience relevant with the objective of their presentations. This fact, made a very interactive situation between participants accusing an added value to the conference for both days.



Picture 1: Jeff Cooper , President of ISWA


On day one, Ms Suzanne Arup Veltzι, Managing Director of DAKOFA with Ms Ayfer Baykalmade, mayor of Copenhagen city, made the opening and welcome of the conference, respectively. The opening session framed from the approaches of Mr Jeff Cooper (president of ISWA), Mr Michel Sponar (E.C) and Mr Jargen Henningsen (Former Member of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy, Former Principal Advisor of DG Energy and Transport)



Picture 2: Michel Sponar, European Commission 


One of the many interesting issues mentioned by the speakers during session 1, was the new mechanism to attract financial and technological assistance in organizing large-scale mitigation programs, called “NAMAs” (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions).


NAMAs represent an institutional platform for developing country governments to attract financial and technological assistance in organizing large-scale mitigation programs. As the international climate change negotiations continue to progress toward a comprehensive global environmental governance regime for climate change, NAMAs are expected to play a critical role in enabling developing countries to meet domestic mitigation goals and pursue low carbon development pathways.  ( ISWA, Briefing note 2011).



Picture 3:  Michael van Brunt, Covanta


Mr Michael van Brunt (Covanta) has mentioned in his presentation that, methane is more potent than currently recognized. Methane’s global warming potential in reality, is 34 for a horizon of 100 yr.



Our results suggest that gas-aerosol interactions play an important role in methane’s GWP, and hence our larger value would allow better optimization of climate change mitigation policies.” {Source: Improved Attribution of Climate Forcing to Emissions”, Shindell et al., Science (2009) 326: 716-718}


On day two, Ms Almut Reichel from the European Environment Agency presented the expected results from the future implementation of three policy scenarios and the avoided net emissions among EU countries.



Picture 4:    Almut Reichel, Sustainable Consumption and Production, European Environment Agent



(Source: EEA, 2012)


Ms Suzanne Arup Veltzι, Managing Director of DAKOFA and Head organizer of the conference, speaks exclusively to D-WASTE about the expectations and conclusions of the conference.


The programme of the conference is available for download in pdf format at the following link:;language=en)


For viewing and download all the presentations of the conference:


For info about all the speakers of the conference:


The final conclusions of the conference can be downloaded from:;language=en


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