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Friday, 31 August 2012 13:51

Angola: Sustainable Waste Management Conference by ISWA/APESB

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Africa received the first Conference about sustainable waste management, co-organized by ISWA – International Solid Waste Association and APESB – Associação Portuguesa de Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental, from 23rd to 25th July 2012, in the city of Lobito, Angola.

This was a symbolic event which had the full support of D-Waste, since it was the first time where specialists from 18 countries and 260 participants went to Angola to discuss political and technical issues in order to improve knowledge and to better support national and local decisions in terms of waste management.

The conference was also sponsored by CPLP – Community of Portuguese Language Countries and by the Angola Minister of Environment, who chose this occasion to launch and announce the national strategic plan for  waste management in Angola, called “Angola limpa” (Angola clean).

D-Waste author Ana Loureiro presented her latest report “Recycling – How to implement successful communication campaigns.

Strategic plan for waste management in Angola

The conference was the stage for the presentation of the national strategic plan, presented in detail by Kamia Carvalho, Environmental Director, who stated that the strategic plan is the result of a participated project developed with all stakeholders. Data e relevant information were collected through inquiries made to provincial entities, information received from companies, field visits and benchmarking were some of the inputs received by the working group in charge of the project.

The presented plan was considered ambitious and shows the political commitment to implement action plans all over the country, in order to take care of the produced waste in the most proper and sustainable way. The Minister stated that the implementation of this program will allow creating 20.000 new jobs and improving in a few years, the quality of life of Angolans.

To achieve success in the shortest period of time, four lines of action were considered: increasing and optimizing undifferentiated collection; treatment, recovery and disposal of municipal waste; collection and disposal of existing passive; and launch of selective collection and structuring specific waste streams.

Benchmarking and possible solutions

During the conference it was possible to listen and discuss political and technical issues, related to all kind of technologies applied to waste management, regulations, communication or climate change. Case studies were also presented and the examples of Portugal and Mozambique were highly appreciated as good, but different examples of waste management solutions.

Portugal had a strong delegation of experts and many of them are already working in Angola on waste management projects, exchanging expertise and information in order to implement sustainable solutions.

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