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Thursday, 06 September 2012 10:53

D- Waste in the 6th World Urban Forum

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 urban forum

Center for Development Communication (India), D-Waste and ISWA co-organized a very successful event on Public - Private Partnerships (PPPs) on waste management and their impacts on Poverty. The event took place on Wednesday September 5th, 12:00 as an official side event of the 6th World Urban Forum in Naples.

More than 100 people followed the interactive debate on the role of informal sector recyclers in PPPs. A good discussion was held during the QA session based on the real cases that were presented from India and Latin America.

As it was mentioned from all speakers the only way for a successful waste management PPP in transition countries is to include informal sector recyclers with suitable practices.

Finally D-Waste CEO Antonis Mavropoulos announced that the company prepares a new web application that will help informal recyclers to assess their role in the waste management chain and suggest ways for improvement.

All the presentations of the event will be soon published to D-Waste's website.

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