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Is a unique service that will be fully available in a few months.  The service consists of a dedicated waste management expert that will support the client according to the client’s requirements and priorities for a certain time period.  

If you are interested in our helpdesk you can contact us.

You can send a request here


  1. Planning
  2. Site Selection 
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment
  4. Landfill Design, Construction, Operation & Closure
  5. Dumpsites Closure & Rehabilitation
  6. Recycling & Biowaste Management
  7. Communications & Campaigns
  8. MBT
  9. Waste to Energy Facilities
  10. Policies & Regulations
  11. Waste Economics
  12. Contracts & Tendering
  13. Urban Waste Management 
  14. Collection & Transfer Issues
  15. Preparation of Presentation & Lectures

You can send a request here

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