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Legal Notice

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Legal Notice

Agreement for online sale of products and services


1. Introduction and governing law

These Terms Conditions apply to all sales and free downloads from the D-WASTE website. If you are buying any reports from our site, there are extra terms and conditions that apply and you will find them if you scroll down this page.

These terms and the laws of Greece, apply to all transactions for the purchase of the products and services provided through D-WASTE through its web site at

D-WASTE publishes reports and offers the trade mark protected services

“D-Waste Reports ©”,“D-Waste Presentations ©”,“D-Waste Spreadsheets ©”, “D-Waste Info graphics ©”,“D-Waste Applications ©”,“D-Waste Helpdesk ©”,  “D-Waste Mentorship ©”.

Through its products and services, D- WASTE offers tailor made professional consulting for specific waste management topics.

2. Products and services

-The ©D-Waste Reports are reports and further material provided from waste management experts and regarding waste management trends and solutions.

-The ©D-Waste Presentations are power point and further material provided from waste management experts and regarding waste management trends and solutions.

-The ©D-Waste Spreadsheets are excel and further material provided from waste management experts and regarding waste management trends and solutions.

-The ©D-Waste Info graphics are graphic visual representations and further material provided from waste management experts and regarding waste management trends and solutions.

-The ©D-Waste Applications are applications developed for Windows ,IOS, Android, Blackberry, and PDAs devices from waste management and programmers regarding waste management trends and solutions.

-The ©D- Waste Helpdesk is a service provided for subscribers. The service is a remote helpdesk for waste management professionals and decision - makers.

-The ©D- Waste Mentorship service is provided with global uniform prices. It is offered in various versions [packages]. Pricing will be in accordance with the requirements and the specific needs.

For organizing Tele-seminars or webinars, pricing will be in accordance with the requirements and the specific needs (presentations, notes for the participants etc.). In case your demand goes out of the above mentioned categories, please let us know about it and we will provide further instructions on how to cooperate.

For any other customized request you might have please contact directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

-The ©D- Waste Presentations are presentations for waste management issues which can be prepared and delivered few days before the event. A request from the user one week ago, the description of the presentation frame and the confirmation from D-WASTE are required. Review, modifications and further customization are possible in accordance to the deadlines set. Notices and materials for further deepening will accompany the presentation. Pricing will be in accordance with the requirements and the specific needs.

3. Free products

If a product is FREE the Buyer may download it free of charge. A registration though will be needed. The registration will allow D-WASTE to gather personal data’s of the users. D-WASTE’s policy is consistent with the principles of The EU Data Privacy Directive, which sets out rules and guidelines for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

4. Prices

The price to be paid by the Buyer for all Products and services will be current selling price on the date of the Order, less any applicable discounts in effect at that time.
D-WASTE reserves the right to change its prices from time to time without prior notice to the Buyer. All prices in this website include Greek Service Tax at 23%.
The Tax payable by the Buyer will be shown on screen next to the downloadable product or the offered service. Prices and Taxes are shown by Checkout in a Shopping Summary screen and on the printable invoice accompanying the products.

5. Subscription - Terms Conditions

By paying an annual subscription D-Waste Helpdesk subscribers will be entitled to question online any waste management issue and get written answers within maximum 5 days from the day they submitted their questions. Further, the subscribers will have 25% discount in any D-Waste product or service except D-Waste applications. The service does not support questions related to legal issues or country specific legislation. A subscription is renewable after 12 months from the date of issue. These terms and conditions are in addition to our General Terms Conditions set out above.

6. Copyright

Copyright in all products and services published by D-Waste belongs to D-Waste Environmental Consultants Ltd.  Under this scope, users are not permitted to sell, lease, sublicense, loan, transfer or otherwise deal in any of the products and services purchased or free downloaded online, publish any of the documents or any extracts from them on the internet, on any website or in any document which is generally available to the public (except the with the prior written consent of D - Waste). Copying a Product and then selling it would require the consent of D-WASTE.

7. Order and cancellation

All Orders made by the Buyer under this Agreement must be placed using the webpages on this Site and must specify the information requested, including (but without limitation):

(a) Name, email and street address of the Buyer
(b) Quantity and description of Products
(c) Credit card or PayPal statements

The Buyer must complete all information requested on this website and credit card payment sites for the Order to be processed by D-WASTE.

D-WASTE will not accept orders:

(a) From trade customers who are buying Products for resale;
(b) If the Buyer does not offer to pay by one of the credit cards or PayPal listed in this website; or
(c) If the Buyer's credit card provider or PayPal does not confirm the payment.

D-WASTE will send the Buyer an e-mail acknowledging the Products ordered as soon as possible after the Buyer places an Order. If D-WASTE does not accept the Buyer's Order for any reason, it will inform the Buyer by email in the same manner.

Because every product and service purchased from D - Waste can be downloaded immediately, no cancellation right exists under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling). We therefore regret that refunds are not normally possible and will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

8. Delivery

As delivery of a Product is meant the download option. Download will occur after the Buyer's credit card provider or PayPal confirms the payment.

If the Buyer cannot download the ordered and paid archive, the Buyer should first refer to D-WASTE per e-mail. By entering the order number D-WASTE may see the download status of the Buyers order. In case of technical problems D-WASTE has either to send the archive per email or transfer the interest - free price back. 

9. Payment

Payment for Products purchased from D-WASTE via the Site can be made only by PayPal using Visa or MasterCard credit cards or via the PayPal system using Visa, MasterCard or funds transfer payment methods.
Credit card information submitted by the Buyer will be verified by the credit card provider or PayPal, and the Buyer will be advised if their Order has been accepted. The Buyer agrees to submit to D-WASTE such information as may be reasonably requested by D-WASTE or the credit card provider for the authorization and verification of its credit card purchases.

Please note that Buyer credit card numbers and details are not processed or retained on D-WASTE systems.

D-WASTE reserves the right to exercise its lawful remedies if a dispute arises over payment through the Buyer's credit card provider. In particular, but without limitation, if the Buyer's credit card provider rejects a payment when due, D-WASTE at its discretion may delay or cancel delivery of Orders placed by the Buyer.


10. Incorrect ordering

The site set up, especially a checking screen allows the confirmation of items and gives the opportunity for Buyers to ensure that they have ordered the correct products or services. Should a Buyer continue to select an incorrect item, download it and then wish to return it, unfortunately a return or a refund will not be provided.

11. Incorrect supply of order

If due to technical problems the Buyer receives a Product which does not conform to its Order, the Buyer must contact D-WASTE within 7 days of receipt of the Product, send the downloaded archive per email for confirmation back to D-WASTE and may become per email the ordered Product free of charge.

12. Warrant

D-WASTE is not in any way providing legal advice, legal services. The free D – Waste Reports are elaborated for certain markets with special needs and objectives. Their effect is directly connected to the time and place of application. D - Waste doesn’t warrant that their implementation will have the same effect in a future equivalent application.

The products and services offered on charge are elaborated according to the European standards and legal provisions. In the past 30 years the EU has adopted a substantial and diverse range of environmental measures aimed at improving the quality of the environment for European citizens and providing them with a high quality of life. D-Waste undertakes no responsibility for the way of the D-Reports enforcement or application. The tools and objectives provided through D-Reports are to be implemented under consideration of the special market conditions on own risk.

Each of the products and services available on our website, free or on charge is licensed to you on the basis that you obtain appropriate legal advice before using it and that you adapt it in order to meet your particular requirements (of which we do not have any knowledge).

For the above reasons, we wish to emphasise that no document is sold or licensed on the basis that it is fit for any particular purpose or that its terms are legally valid and enforceable in any particular jurisdiction, and all liability in respect of these matters, including liability for economic loss or for any indirect or consequential loss, and whether in contract or tort, is excluded.

13. Important Notice

This notice applies to all materials and information available on this website.

All information and materials on this site are provided on an 'as is' basis and are not intended in any way to be comprehensive. Any reader making use of this site does so at his/her own risk and readers are advised to take independent professional advice before acting on any information or materials found here. D- WASTE accepts no responsibility and gives no representations or warranties, express or implied, that any of the information and materials on this site are complete, accurate or free from errors or omissions.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The agreement between D-Waste and the users/Buyers is governed by the Greek laws and the European Directives. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved amicably, a dispute will be referred to the Greek courts.

15. Amendment of Terms and Conditions

D-WASTE may revise these terms and conditions from time to time. Buyers should therefore periodically visit this page to familiarize themselves with any such revisions.

© 2012 D-Waste All rights reserved
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