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D-Waste Experts

Eva Riddick is an American currently serving in the United States Peace Corps, a global human development agency. As an international development professional she has spent the past 2 years working in Mongolia as a community based health specialist. She has a background in raising HIV/AIDs and health awareness through AIDs Delaware and at the University of Delaware where she holds a BS in Behavioral Science. In Peace Corps, her primary project is working at the Govi-Altai UNFPA Youth Development Center. She also works at a disabilities center for youth that supports both an education and social integration program for children with disabilities. During her time in Govi-Altai, Mongolia she and her counterparts at the provincial Health Department undertook a solid waste management project focused on raising awareness and promoting safe waste management practices amongst community members. Over the course of 6 months she executed a SWM campaign targeting 300+ youth in her community. She and her counterparts are currently looking to improve the SWM infrastructure in Govi-Altai, and are working closely with the provincial government to implement new policy change.

Nathalia Lima is an Environmental engineering student at Sao Paulo State University to graduate in July of 2016 and a D-Waste Youth Expert; Summer internship at D-Waste (July, 2014); ISWA member, participating actively in the Young Professionals Group since 2013 and ISWA's World Congresses; Exchange program Science Without Borders in the Netherlands at Eindhoven University of Technology (2013-2014); research project with a recyclable materials' sorting cooperative in Sorocaba, Brazil (2012)."

Aida Anthouli is Environmental Management Consultant, specialized in Solid Waste Management, since 2004. She holds a degree in Physics, and a Master in Environmental Management from Vrije Universiteit, The Nethelands. She is currently Environmental and Communication Manager in D-WASTE, Member of the Board and Manager of the Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association, and assistant to the Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Her expertise lies in recycling, globalisation and digital and mobile governance in waste management, waste management policy and social issues, marketing, public awareness and communication. She has been a consultant and marketing manager in EPEM SA, and an editor of the environmental magazine OIKOPOLIS. She has worked for several global projects and has a professional experience in  France, Netherlands, and Hungary on Renewable Energy Sources. She has organised several workshops and Conferences related to SWM, and is a member of the Working Group on Communication and Social Issues of ISWA.

Magda is from Colombia, she has over 12 years of experience on planning, regulation and policy design of solid waste management. Nowadays, she manages her own consulting company (MAG CONSULTORIA) focused in this sector. Formerly, she worked as Director for the Superintendence of Public Utilities assigned to the Solid Waste Management Services, and as a consultant for the Ministry of Environment in Colombia. She holds a bachelor and master degrees on Civil Engineering and is aspirant for a MA in Management in Durham University (UK). Regularly, she collaborates for the Interamerican Development Bank and other agencies in preparing and developing solid waste management projects.

alexAlexandros Mavropoulos is a Solid Waste Management Consultant and holds a diploma of Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Waste Management Planning, development of Waste Management projects and Material Flow Analysis are some of the fields that he has already worked for. In addition, he focuses on the provision of sound, sustainable and affordable waste management in developing and transitional countries as well as on the development of web and mobile applications to make knowledge about solid waste management more accessible to everyone.

Isabel de la Parra Leibson is a BSc – Environmental Engineering and a specialist in Integrated Solid Waste Management and ISO-14001 Management Systems. During the past seven years, she has been researching about solid waste management for a private institution named the Bolivian Environmental Management Society (SGAB). She has developed and implemented Solid Waste Management Plans in five municipalities in the tropical region of Cochabamba and has trained part of the team which has elaborated Hospital Waste Management Diagnostics in seven departments of Bolivia. During the past five years, she has investigated the development of tools, techniques and programs regarding environmental education as part of the Focal Cities Cochabamba project, which is financed by the Canadian International Development Research Center (IDRC) and executed by SGAB.
As a result of the investigations in the environmental disciplines, she has generated a Municipal Environmental Education Strategy for the city of Cochabamba. This strategy has now been implemented as a municipal law. Moreover, in coordination with the Departmental Education Secretary of Cochabamba, she has directed the implementation of an Integrated Waste Management training program for school teachers in the municipality.

gargoulasNikos Gargoulas holds a Master Degree(M.Eng.) in Environmental Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology, USA and a Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) in Chemistry from the University of Athens, Greece. He has twenty years of professional experience in directing, managing and delivering environmental consulting and engineering projects for the Greek public sector, international agencies (in the USA, Romania, Cyprus, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey and Egypt) and private firms. These projects have ranged from the strategic delivery of works and services to the practical problem solving.

Nikos is working with EPEM SA from 1999 and he is a partner, member of the Board of Directors and key-member of the senior management team of the company. He is responsible for the implementation of the company’s Quality Management System (EN ISO 9001:2008) and he has participated, as project manager or project team member, in the implementation of numerous projects regarding Waste Management, Climate Change, Industrial Pollution, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management, Cleaner Production Plans etc. For the period 1993 to 1997 he has worked for KAM Consultants in New York, providing environmental management consulting for site characterization, remediation technologies, lead / asbestos abatement and laboratory analytical services.

haris2Haris Kamariotakis is the General Director of D-WASTE. He is Civil Engineer and he holds MSc in Construction Management and a MSc in Environmental Management. He has been occupied in waste management since 2000 gaining extensive experience in this field. He has participated in more than 50 projects in 7 different countries. Although he started his career in landfill design and operational procedures, in the last 5 years he has made a shift to solid waste management contractual arrangements and e-governance aspects. He is member of International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association (HSWMA).

roulaMrs. Sotiria Skoulaxinou holds a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and an MSc degree in Environmental Management. She is a highly experienced engineer, with more than ten years experience in the field of waste management/engineering. Her position as project manager in EPEM S.A has allowed her to successfully complete projects within the entire cycle: from strategic planning, to process design of infrastructure works. Additionally, she has gained a high level of expertise and kept always up to date to recent developments in Europe, USA and elsewhere, regarding environmental legislation, innovations, scientific research, etc.

kargaziAnna Karkazi is a Civil Engineer (National Technical University of Athens), with a European Master (EKPA & University of Rotterdam) for Environmental Management and Education. Mrs Karkazi has excellent managerial skills resulting from her involvement, for more than 10 years, as a Team Leader or Project Coordinator / Manager in numerous major national (Greece) and international (Hungary, BiH, Egypt, Albania, Romania etc) EU funded waste management projects (managing large multi-cultural teams, supervising and coordinating technical work). Mrs. Karkazi is a recognised expert in the Waste and Hazardous Waste Management field, specializing in Waste Management Strategy development, Planning and development of Waste and Hazardous WM projects, feasibility studies, design, operation and EIA of waste and hazardous waste projects. She has participated in more than 20 technical studies for the establishment of sanitary landfills and conducted more than 20 EIA studies for municipal and hazardous waste facilities. She is also expierenced in Waste Management technologies, Landfill design for hazardous and non hazardous waste, Site rehabilitation, Waste Management procurement, in FIDIC condition construction contracts and public awareness raising strategies and programs related to Solid and Hazardous Waste Management.

naoumKonstantinos Naoum has a Degree in Chemical Engineering, MSc from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece. He is Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and owner of chemical engineer license as well as Member of Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers. Currently he is a Senior Waste Management Consultant in EPEM SA.He has more than 10 years of professional experience in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Management field as well as in design of waste management infrastructure projects (sanitary landfills, transfer stations, MBT and MRF facilities, civic amenity sites etc). Also he has significant experience in procurement and tendering procedures, environmental impact assessment studies, landfill operation, landfill remediation - restoration projects and risk assessment. Konstantinos presents excellent project management, analytical and communication skills and has thorough knowledge of the environmental legislation; EU Directives in the environment field and especially in the solid waste sector. He is highly qualified in feasibility studies of solid waste management infrastructure projects and cost estimates for services and works projects. He has participated in more than 50 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management projects, including landfill remediation / restoration, landfill design, EIA studies, preparation of Tender dossier for services, supplies and works, development of general and special conditions of contract, evaluation and administration of services / works contracts.

mentzisAndreas Mentzis is a Chemical Engineer (National Technical University of Athens), with an MSc in Environmental Technology (Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine) in the field of environmental technology. 12 years experience in projects related to solid (hazardous and non-hazardous) waste as well as in the fields of pollution prevention and sustainable development. Member of HSWMA (Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association) and International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Key qualifications:  Development of Solid waste management systems and plans, Waste management economics, Development of feasibility studies, CBAs and financing applications for waste management projects to be funded under EU funds, Development of tools for the estimation of solid waste generation and assessment of potential environmental impacts,  Implementation of the IPPC and Waste Framework Directives. International experience in Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and United Kingdom.

Natali Ganfer is an Engineer with broad technical experience, having done intense research on upgrades of landfill gas, feasibility studies on Waste-To-Energy plants implementation, and Waste Management systems at Columbia University. She has also developed industrial process designs at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Additionally, Ms. Ganfer conducted a technical study for the InterAmerican Development Bank on the feasibility to implement Waste-To-Energy facilities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ms. Ganfer is currently working on First Environment’s greenhouse gas team, providing verification and consulting services for a variety of projects, with a strong focus on landfill projects.

tsakonaMaria Tsakona is an Environmental Consultant Engineer working in the field of Solid Waste Management since 2005. She holds a diploma on Environmental Engineering and a Master on Environmental & Sanitary Engineering from the Technical University of Crete (Greece). Maria has received many awards for her excellence performance during her academic studies and she has published articles on “Health Care Waste Management” and “Co-Composting of MSW with Sewage Sludge”. During her working carrier she has been collaborating with public authorities and private companies on Solid Waste Management issues. Nowadays Maria is a dedicated D-Waste Caretaker and part of the D-Waste Editorial Team.

sbokosDr. Georgios Sbokos practices since 2003 active law in Greece and is designated to empowered lawyer of the Austrian Embassy in Athens. He speaks English, German and Greek and specializes in solid waste management, facility licensing, land use matters, project approval and municipal procurement and contracting. He graduated the Law School of the Philips University of Marburg and Albertus Magnus University of Cologne in Germany at 2001. He attended a postgraduate course in European Environmental Law at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Koblenz- Landau University in Germany and received a Certificate in European Environmental Law. From the Law School of Ethniko and Kapodistriako University of Athens he received on 2011 his doctorate in Implementation planning of environmental measures: strategy, regulatory methods and financial tools.


Costas Velis is Director of FUELOGY, a specialised research and management consultancy, delivering solutions on resource efficiency and circular economy, working in the interface between traditional solid waste management, resources management, and energy production and use.

Dr Velis in his main academic capacity is Lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems at the University of Leeds, and serves as Vice Chair of the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council UK, the national branch of the global WtERT organization.

With 10 years of hands-on experience in the sector, his research focuses on innovative ways to turn waste into useful and safe products and renewable energy, by using multiple research tools and disciplines, from statistical design of experiments for modeling, to analytical chemistry and materials science. In his consultancy capacity he works on applicable on-the-ground solutions, envisaging a sustainable and resource efficient 21st century society.

Dr Velis obtained a BSc in Physics with specialisation in Environmental Physics from University of Athens (Greece), an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development from Imperial College London (UK), and holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Cranfield University, Centre for Energy and Resource Technology, Sustainable Systems Department (UK), where he developed a novel material flow model for mechanical-biological treatment plants (MBTs) producing solid recovered fuels (SRF).

His wider expertise in waste and resources science and management resulted in invitations to scientific committees, chairing of conference sessions and delivering invited lectures around the world. He is coordinating member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Globalization and Waste Management Task Force, steering committee member of the CIWM Thermal Treatment Special Interest Group, and member of the ISWA Working Group on Energy Recovery. He is also on the steering committee of the Environment Technical Group of the Society of Chemical Industry, which brings together academia with industry, and on the Editorial Board of Waste Management & Research, which publishes leading peer-reviewed research on waste and resource efficiency.

GuanGuah Eng Hock is currently a board member (RDN-Asia Pacific Rep) at ISWA International Solid Waste Association .Also he is a chairman at Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore and owner at FW Tech Pte Ltd and Green Dot Consulting Pte Ltd 

GOranGoran Vujic is a Board Member  of ISWA as a Regional Development Network Representative and a Member of Task Force on Science

EnzoEnzo Favoino is with Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, where he co-ordinates the Working Group on Composting and Sustainable Waste Management. He and his team have helped many Governmental Institutions and Local Authorities to implement waste management schemes and strategies, with a particular reference to options for the management of biowaste and residual waste. The Working Group on Composting have widely contributed to the development of source separation, recycling and composting in Italy, Spain, UK and other EU Member States. He has frequently taken part as an invited expert in meetings, workshops, organised by the European Commission on Sustainable Waste Management and Source Separation. He has also taken part as an invited expert in the European Climate Change Programme, WG “Agriculture” and “Soils”. He has been sitting as Chair of the WG on Biological Treatment at ISWA  since 2004 through 2012. He is also co-founder and Member of the Board of ECN-European Compost Network.

CarlosCarlos Silva Filho is Regional Development Network Representative of ISWA and Coordinator of the South America sub-regional secretariat for IPLA.

(Coordinator of the South America sub-regional secretariat for IPLA - International Partnership for Expanding Waste Services  through Local Authorities).

timothy byrneTimothy Byrne has worked in the waste industry since 1996. He was first involved in the capital sale of waste management equipment, for example, waste transfer station vehicles. He moved to a public company in 2002 and worked as a waste collection operative collecting both municipal and commercial waste to gain ‘hands on’ operational experience. He also passed my heavy goods driving test and have driven all types of waste collection and transfer vehicles carrying dry waste.Over the last three years has moved away from the operational ‘hands on’ approach to the business and have produced many articles about how Mediterranean countries collect municipal waste. Some examples of these are how waste in collected and transferred in Greece, Cyprus and Spain.He is a full member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, an International Waste Manager through ISWA and associate member of Ategrus (Spanish solid waste association). He currently studying for a BSc in Wastes Management and Pollution Control at Northampton University.


Ranjith Annepu worked as a consultant for the World Bank and is the Coordinator of the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT) - India at Columbia University. His work focuses on integrated solid waste management and he recently published his research on “Sustainable Solid Waste Management in India". He holds a Master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He writes regularly at and maintains 


prasadDr Prasad Modak is the Executive President of Environmental Management Centre LLP. He has worked with almost all key UN, multi-lateral and bi-lateral development institutions in the world as well as various Governments on environmental policy and management. His work over the past three decades has influenced environmental policies, investments and practices on a global basis. Dr Modak was the Coordinating Author for the Chapter on Waste Management & Recycling in UNEP's Green Economy Report. He was also instrumental in the set up of International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) for UN.

savinoDr. Atilio Savino is Vice-President of ARS-Association for Solid Waste Studies, National Member of ISWA in Argentina, and an Honorary Member of ISWA-International Solid Waste Association. Previously he has been President of ISWA, Secretary of Sanitary Health Determinants-Ministry of Health of Argentina, and Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina-National Ministry of Health and Environment.

AnaAna Loureiro is Communication Director at Valorsul, SA since 2005. She holds a degree of licentiate – Communication Sciences – from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a Postgraduate degree in Public Marketing, from the Instituto Superior de Comunicação Social. She has also worked in the Municipality of Lisbon (1996-2000), as a communication specialist of Monsanto Ecological Park, being part of the initial team that was in charge to implement new activities and projects. From 2006 to 2009, she was Chair Woman of the Working Group on Communication and Social Issues of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), Vice-Chair of the same group (2004-2006) and an active member since 2002.

alexeiMr. Alexei Atudorei works from thirty years in the field of environmental protection and in the last fifteen years has been involved in important local, regional and national projects in waste management in Romania (municipal, medical, industrial, non hazardous and hazardous waste) starting from the implementation of the UE legislation (strategies, implementation plans, technical norms) to design, construction, maintenance and operation of waste management facilities.
He studied in Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark and Japan, has a Ph.D. on energy recovery from waste, wrote one book on Municipal Waste Management, over 80 articles in technical journals and took part, as a speaker, at over 40 congresses, seminars and workshops in Europe and USA. Starting with 2006 is the Chair of Scientific and Technical Committee of the Romanian Association of Solid Waste Management (ARS), which is the Romanian National Member of ISWA - International Solid Waste Association and Romanian National Member of FEAD - European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services.

costas hatzieleftheriouCostas Hatzieleftheriou is a chemical engineer and member of Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Department of EPEM SA. He holds certificate of Class B' Consultants’ Degree for the categories 18 (Chemical / Tech Studies) and 27 (environmental engineering), officially licensed form the Greek ministry of environment. His professional experience in waste management include the implementation of many studies in the field of recycling, biowastes, waste prevention, landfill construction, treatment facilities, site rehabilitation, environmental impact assessment and industrial waste management. As a waste management consultant he has obtained significant experience abroad in projects elaborated in countries like Romania, Cyprus, FYROM, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Antonismavropoulos antonis 02 Mavropoulos is the CEO of D-WASTE and the Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).He is a Chemical Engineer and he holds an Advanced Management degree from IESE Business School. He has been involved to waste management since 1994. He has completed more than 150 projects in 15 different countries and he has worked as an Associated Researcher of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is the author of several scientific and technical papers dedicated to different waste management issues, especially to regional planning, risk assessment, landfill design and treatment issues. He also holds the blog “Global View of Waste Management:

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