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Alexei Atudorei

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alexeiMr. Alexei Atudorei works from thirty years in the field of environmental protection and in the last fifteen years has been involved in important local, regional and national projects in waste management in Romania (municipal, medical, industrial, non hazardous and hazardous waste) starting from the implementation of the UE legislation (strategies, implementation plans, technical norms) to design, construction, maintenance and operation of waste management facilities.
He studied in Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark and Japan, has a Ph.D. on energy recovery from waste, wrote one book on Municipal Waste Management, over 80 articles in technical journals and took part, as a speaker, at over 40 congresses, seminars and workshops in Europe and USA. Starting with 2006 is the Chair of Scientific and Technical Committee of the Romanian Association of Solid Waste Management (ARS), which is the Romanian National Member of ISWA - International Solid Waste Association and Romanian National Member of FEAD - European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services.

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