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D-Waste Concept: Waste Management For Everyone

D-Waste Concept Pres CoverD-Waste Concept Pres Cover

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Author: D-Waste Team
Format PPT
File Size 7.3 Mb
Print Length 33 Pages
Publisher D-Waste
Language English

D-Waste Concept: Waste Management For Everyone

This is a presentation based on the D-Waste Concept “Waste Management for Everyone”.
8,13 €
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WM For Everyone Presentation.pptx

WM For Everyone Presentation.pptx


This is a presentation based on the D-Waste Concept “Waste Management for Everyone”.This presentation is dedicated to outlining the global conditions regarding waste management and more specifically: a. to assess how many people do not have access to an even elementary level of sound waste management services, and b. to explore what are the problems and the conceptual understanding of waste management according to the global audience of internet users.

Elementary waste management service is considered to be a system of organized collection of waste that removes waste away from the human settlements, and a controlled disposal system (not a sanitary landfill) that provides a minimum health and environmental protection for the inhabitants of the served area. For answering the question “how many people do not have access to elementary waste management services”, the article starts with a generic description of the current global waste management conditions. Then, the global population that lacks even the elementary waste management service is assessed with different ways.

The Google search machine was used to assess what Internet users and content providers think about “waste related" issues. The results of the assessment and their magnitude are discussed. It is noted that Internet growth rates in different continents provide a new and still unutilised tool for upgrading Waste Management knowledge and know-how.


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