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Monday, 24 September 2012 15:06

D-Waste developed a Commitment with Clinton Global Initiative

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D-Waste, ESRI and the Cason Family Foundation undertook a CGI commitment to map all the world’s dumpsites, waste infrastructure and recycling supply chains within next 5 years.The commitment was highly appreciated by CGI and the involved participants characterized it as “a new view we require for understanding the global waste management system”.

D-Waste participates in the eighth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative which is held in New York City from 23-25th of September. Some of the world's most influential people are presenting possible solutions for major problems at the 8th annual Clinton Global Initiative. The event, which began in New York City on Sunday, attracted more than 1,000 people, including current and former heads of state, business leaders and celebrities that gathered to work on solutions to some of the world's biggest issues.

cgi2Delegates joined world leaders in government, business, and civil society, including President Barack Obama, the Queen of Jordan, the President of the World Bank, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at the meeting dedicated to creating and implementing solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.
The theme of the 8th annual Clinton Global Initiative is “Designing for Impact”. What former president Bill Clinton means by design has nothing to do with fashion, but rather a more prosperous and sustainable world. 

cg3President Clinton, said that most problems in the world have been solved somewhere by somebody.  The difficulty, he said, is implementing existing solutions on a global scale. “That, it seems to me, requires not just putting more money into a given technological fix, but designing a strategy that will maximize the spread beyond what you, or you, or I, or any of us do," said former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

“’Design’ prompts us to get out ahead of a challenge and design the world as it should be, including the steps to get us there. We hope, in addressing global challenges, CGI members will consider how to design solutions that are creative, practical and inclusive.” explained Robert S. Harrison, CEO of CGI.
The Clinton Global Initiative seeks to address problems ranging from sanitation and education to violence against women and clean energy.

cgi4“Designing for Impact” found ground in sustainable and carefully addressed waste management solutions. Respectably, President Clinton asked for low cost design of waste and sanitation solutions for the developing world - and he calls for a new design for impact.
It is also worth mentioning that Queen Rania of Jordan and Walmart CEO mentioned zero waste repeatedly during their opening session speeches.




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